Off Topic # 8: Starman

Phew, after what feels like many months of madness things seem to be settling down into a more acceptable work / life balance.

I bought a copy of David Bowie’s Starman single a short while ago. t’s always been a favourite ever since I firsr heard it and it recalls happy memories of the school summer holidays of 1972.

david bowie - starmanI was lucky enough to be on holiday in Bournemouth towards the end of August and Bowie and the Spiders From Mars were playing at the Ballroom in Boscombe. This was my first ever concert (it cost exactly £1.00 which was quite a lot of my holiday money) and Bowie was touring in support of the Ziggy Stardust album. Needless to say it completely blew me away; I’d never heard of them or experienced anything like this before.

Later the same week we saw Genesis at a nightclub in the town performing Foxtrot (cost of entry only 50p!), with Peter Gabriel dressed up as a flower and Phil Collins safely tucked away behind his drum kit doing what he does best.

Normal service, graffiti and urban art pictures from around and about Sheffield will resume very shortly.


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