Headless Chicken

A fairly accurate description of my state of mind over the past couple of months and an explanation as to why I haven’t been engaging with this blog.

I work in a place which seems to increasingly resemble less a higher education institution and more a mass production facility fixated on targets, administration and national league tables. As with any other competitive business, staff numbers are being cut back drastically and workloads are being increased. Those of us lucky enough to still have a job seem to be working around the clock in order to fulfill the tasks which we deem important for our students’ education whilst also satisfying the box-ticking demands of our ‘management team’.

Right, rant over. Today I was finally able to devote a few hours to getting out and catching up with some of the great artwork and graffiti which adorns our fabulous city. Here are a few examples:




This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are some great new pieces from Gzos, Foundry, Faunagraphic and D7606…



19-03-14-12 …and a top tune to finish off with. I saw the Young Gods at The Leadmill here in Sheffield many years ago. As the song says, it’s good to be back!


4 thoughts on “Headless Chicken

  1. Good to see you back. Not so good to hear that your job is taking over. It seems that there’s no employment that offers people time to think at the moment. Not good. Anyway, nice to see some new photos.

    • Thank you, it’s good to hear from you! Yes, I think everyone working is in the same boat. When I was a kid the projected future had us working two days a week and flying around on gyrocopters dressed in bacofoil 🙂

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