Working Up a Thirst

These are the last of my pictures from my trip to Norwich back in mid-September. I had a couple of hours spare before I was due to meet up with friends at the pub, so I took the opportunity to walk around the city and try to spot interesting examples of street art and graffiti. Here are the results:

I also came across this old brewery building which is completely covered in writing. A profitable and exhilarating couple of hours and a great way to work up a thirst for a good pint of beer down at the Fat Cat!







4 thoughts on “Working Up a Thirst

    • I think that the building is a commisioned piece. I agree that it’s great to be able to walk around and spot so much artwork. It’s funny but it never used to register with me until about four years ago, it was always very peripheral, but once I started taking notice I saw it everywhere!

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